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 Collagen is one of the major proteins that play important roles in the body. This protein is produced by the body during the entire life of a person; however, it is good to realize that it reaches a point when the body starts losing it gradually. The protein is essential in making the muscles, ligaments, bones and the layer below the skin tensile. It helps in making the skin look young and shiny. At the age of 25 years, people start losing this protein gradually, and it starts with about 1.5% of the total collagen. By the time one reaches around 50 years, the levels are lower than this. It is important to know that aging is one of the contributing factors leading to loss of collagen. There are also other things that play a part in this, and they include pollutants, smoking, and poor diet. Check out bella colla at this link to get started.


You can increase the levels of collagen in the body by having the correct diet. Foods reach in antioxidants will reduce the damage of the collagen by the toxins. This idea leads to more binding between the collagen and elastin to form the bundles which aid protecting the skin from sagging. It is necessary to know that this diet can be gotten from foods like garlic, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, green tea and Omega 3 fats. This kind of diet is recommended for people of all age groups although it is required that an individual starts practicing this early enough. It is essential to know that collagen can also be triggered by regular physical exercises. This approach aids in increasing the supply of oxygen and other nutrients beneath the skin making it look lovely.


It is also important to note that one can have the direct collagen injections done to them as a way of combating the loss. As the time goes, the skin starts forming wrinkles and sags making permanent lines. These lines can be reversed through the direct injections of collagen. Other techniques that can be performed include microdermabrasion together with chemical peels to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles. You are also advised to apply cosmetics that are rich in collagen and vitamin C as these are also essential for the skin. Most of the anti-aging skincare products contain these substances which help in boosting the production of this protein. There are also other collagen boosting products that you can find in the cosmetic shops.


Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collagen to read more about this.


How to Reduce the Loss of Collagen and Increase Its Production